Underutilized Fish – Dogfish Shark

Dogfish post 2
Sustainable fishing is recognizing the limits of the environment and adhering to the changes and adaptation of an ecosystem. Listening to these changes and maintaining a healthy relationship with the Gulf of Maine includes celebrating different types of underutilized fish. Eating with the Ecosystem is a non-profit that helps us promote healthy habits, flourishing food webs, and adaptive supply chains. Our mission is to uphold this philosophy and reach consumers who are willing to adapt with and for the ecosystem. One of those underutilized being Dogfish.
Dogfish are a family of shark that is beyond plentiful off our coast. They are most commonly shipped to Europe for England’s infamous fish and chips and therefore vastly unseen in local fish markets.  Dogfish are meatier, white fillet and hold up great when fried, baked, or in a chowder.  Restaurants that serve it around town, suggest soaking it in milk for a minimum of 15 minutes before preparing it to help tenderize the meat or throw it on the grill with some marinade.  Dan Hayes, a credited seafood chef in London, campaigns for the unloved fish, hoping to demonstrate how tasty Dogfish truly is. 
Heather Atwood, a columnist who writes “Food For Thought” for The Gloucester Daily Times and North of Boston Media Group, recognizes Dogfish as being Marine Stewardship Council Certified or having three qualifications: being a part of sustainable fishing stocks, minimizing environmental impact and having effective management. She makes Cornmeal Crusted – Beer Battered Dogfish. Or try grilling Dogfish with caponata!
Have your own fish recipes? Share them with us and be featured!

How to cook with Dogfish

Why Dogfish? 22 News explains

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